Friday, October 19, 2018
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About us

KiddiCare was founded in 2005 by a bunch of UCT computer science grads. With parenthood on the horizon and with many friends now looking for good pre-schools for their kids, it was clear that it was difficult to find good care.

My wife and 3 year old daughter (who chooses all the colours and pictures) now keep things going here. I work full time as a software developer and my wife has a Masters in Research Psychology and finishing her Masters in Clinical Psychology soon. So all the clever articles you find here - well thats her, not me.

While it is easy to search for care facilities using Google, it is just not enough to know that there is one around the corner. We as parents need to know much much more. Getting other parents views on a creche is priceless. As with all internet media, use this only as extra information when making a decision on a pre-school. Go look for yourself - twice if you have too.

We run this site with the aim to share information and our experiences. We try to keep things free as far as possible but we need your support. So if you see an add - click on it. It helps us raise funds to pay for some of this.



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